Friday, September 22, 2006

Jones/McAdoo Memorial Tailgate

Hello my Aggie friends! So Homecoming is growing nearer and nearer... so near in fact, if you don't have a hotel room by now, you may be sleeping in your respective sorority or fraternity houses (if they still exist - HA!).

Several people are heading to the Big LC a few days early to hang out, while most of us will try to arrive Friday in time for our traditional Happy Hour at Si Senor, most likely followed by a trip to Farley's, and eventually The Brew.

As for Saturday's tailgating events, we need to recruit as many people as possible for an outstanding event being organized by our good friends, Sack and Dave Jones, cleverly titled the "Jones/McAdoo Memorial Tailgate." This will obviously be the who's who of Aggie tailgate events, 2006, and is sure to be a ripping good time.

Rest assured there should be plenty of beer consumption, I hope food, midgets in Aggie threads, and a choreographed baton twirling routine dedicated to my favorite people at the football game, The Aggie Alumni Band, and more specifically that crazy little lady who keeps me at the game at least until halftime - their baton twirler. Do you think she wants to go to Happy Hour with us?

So instead of Save the Date magnets for October 21st: Jones/McAdoo Memorial Tailgate, I am blogging about it. Be there or we'll call you a Lobo Lover for the next year. You don't want that, do you??