Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aggies, oh Aggies!

So here's an excerpt from an e-mail Sack sent me today. The song was too good to not post. The "bad grammar" part has to do with this Web site. If you notice what is wrong, you might be considered for our GSP club. If not, it's ok. It's hard to be one of the elite. Anyways, here's the e-mail:

Though I am as avid a NM State fan as anyone, the university has caused me at least as much shame as pride in the past year. Lassos, 12 football losses, bad grammar…when people ask where I went to school, I might just start telling them “Sierra Vista Elementary”. Here are some new lyrics for our fight song…errr…plight song that I just made up (except for the third verse, which Meyers made up part of):

Aggies, oh Aggies
The losses make me cry
Just stab me in the eye

Aggies, oh Aggies
Why watch this game, they barely even try

And before this stupid game
Let’s drink a bunch of booze
And bitch about the Aggies
‘Cuz they always f**king lose

A clap-clap-clap G clap-clap-clap G clap-clap-clap I clap-clap-clap E clap-clap-clap S clap-clap-clap
Aggies, Aggies d’oh Aggies!

And a side note from Sarah: I found that pic of Lasso Lucifer on this Web site. I felt it was appropriate to include with the song.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NMSU v. UNM or Homecoming?

Hey all. Eve and I have been discussing NMSU Homecoming more frequently lately, as the game is only like four months away. I think we can all agree that tailgating (the main event of said yearly game) has been less than adequate for the past two years. Eve has a theory that this is partially due to the fact that most kids have been up boozing it all night long, building a float, and sleep after the parade, only to re-emerge for the evening's festivities at a local bar, usually the Brew.

ANYWAYS, what has been cool for the past several years, whether it's in Albuquerque (TAFKAS) or Las Cruces, is the NMSU/UNM game. No matter where the game is played, you can be sure there will be a substantial amount of fans from both teams, which equals a full stadium - something that has become quite rare in Aggieland. This year, the game just happens to be in our beloved LC.

Eve and I would like to posit that our circle of wonderful friends attend the NMSU/UNM game as opposed to (or in addition to) Homecoming ths year. I, personally, am all about it since I am usually too pissed off and hungover to go to the parade (which is the only real feature of Homecoming when you're still too young to appreciate the brunches and provost speeches, etc.). I'd love to tailgate like the olden days, where the university police couldn't even drive around in the giant dirt lot because there were so many drunk people, and really couldn't bust anyone for underage drinking because, well, would catching one out of hundreds really do any good?

In addition to tailgating sucking, I think a lot of the people we like to hang out with will be at a certain Zeta sister and Delta Chi's wedding (on my birthday), which is exactly two weeks before Homecoming. Since some of us travel, it is not incredibly convenient or affordable to go to Las Cruces one week and return two later. However, it is convenient for you to attend the NMSU/UNM game on September 9th and then come back a month later for the nuptuals.

So let us know what you think! I know if I (Wheels) had to choose between the two, I'd go for the UNM game. I'd really love to see the Aggie stadium full.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A little late

The next time anyone is in Durango and you find yourself too intoxicated to drive, do not take a cab, call the Durango car service. You too will be able to ride in style. What more could you want in a car service than a vehicle with shag carpeting and the ability to go four wheeling. I really felt like a queen driving around in this vehicle.