Friday, March 10, 2006


Ok, so I am not one to handle stress well and I have been making myself sick the last couple of days stressing. So, here is my dilemma and I would appreciate any encouraging words you all could send my way. Here is my situation (I know it sounds like not a big deal, but it is for me).

So, I got offered a new job with a mortgage company that is tied in with the real estate company I am currently working for. I would have no problems telling the people I currently work for that I got a new job, but I will be working in the same office and I am going to have to see these people every day. In a normal situation people are usually supportive of people getting new jobs that will better their career. However, this is not a normal situation, I have heard numerous stories of people changing jobs from this office to better their career and their being no support. For example, one of the big wigs yelled at an employee in the parking lot about switching positions. Another time, they completely ignored someone for months for switching jobs. I hate to have people not like me.

So, I came to work all set on telling them. Well, I called my new boss and he said he will be out of the office all day today and asked if we could wait until Monday. I now have to worry about this crap all weekend. I might make myself crazy before I even start the new job.


Anonymous Les said...

Eve...I say go for it. You are a very likeable gal and I think people will like you no matter what. You need to to do what's best for you. I have dealt with the same situation, I took the better job and I am happy I did it. In the end the "big wigs" will respect you and the others will get over it. Good luck! Can't wait to see you next weekend!

8:04 AM  
Blogger tibbs said...

Eve- Remember that you and your career and future are what is really important here. If the people that you work with now will not be supportive and happy for you and say, "Gee, Eve, we'll really miss you!" than are they really people worth having in your life in the first place? If they can't be happy for you, screw um. I know how you feel about having people not like you, I hate it too, but I try to always remind myself of what's important in the long run. You know all of your friends here are behind you. Let us know what happens and good luck. Love, Meg

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Sack said...

If you have to worry whether or not someone likes you, their opinion doesn't really matter. Do what's best for you. If anyone gives you a hard time about it, encourage them to attempt independent procreation...or, in other words, to go *#@% themselves.

Congratulations on the new opportunity!

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

You know how I feel about this whole situation, as we have discussed it over the phone, but I still say take the job.

You're 26, with a Bachelor's degree, doing work you're too good for. You deserve the opportunity to advance in your job and to make more money.

And like I said, if people are bitter about your new job, I think it's probably because they know they've lost a great employee. But honestly, they probably knew they were going to lose you in the first place with all of your AWESOME credentials.

You'll feel better when you tell them and are able to adjust to their reactions. Good luck!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck today Evelyn!!!!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Sorry, I thought I put my name, I anonymous

10:23 AM  
Blogger Maud said...

So Eve, I agree with everyone else.... you deserve this position. CBL has been a good stepping stone for you and now it's time for you to move on.

This is a great opportunity for you. They will be upset to loose you... that's perfectly understandable as you're a great employee . . .but you have to make the best decision for YOU!

And they should respect that.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Les said...

So did it go?? Did you get my email??

1:34 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

So what happened Eve?

Les-I tried to email you back this morning but my e mail has been down all day. Sorry I will try again later or I will call later. Have a great day!

1:53 PM  
Anonymous EVE said...

I FINALLY DID IT!!! It went better than I thought, but we'll see how people act tomorrow.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous juan said...

i smell fish.

5:29 AM  

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