Saturday, March 25, 2006

This is the last time, I swear!

In everyone's best interest, I have created a blog of my very own. I know not everyone is as enthusiastic about getting crunk, my dog, and my lack of fashion sense as I am, so now you don't have to worry about checking Eve and Wheels only to find some sort of asinine blog unrelated to Eve or Wheels, with random pictures of Albert Bandura or Lil' John.

But, if you do love crunk, Neil Diamond, hybrid seed corn, tuxedo halter tops, etc., you may find my blog mildly amusing.

Of course I will still post all things Eve and Wheels here, such as pics from last weekend, and stories about me and Allison "stealing" like ten bottles of water from the housekeeping closet at about 3 a.m. in the Doubletree... or how Eve was referred to as "Snievel" for a substantial portion of Saturday night (at least until she'd had like four or five shots)... or how I was yelling, "I love that rapping Jew!" at the televisions at The Library when they were playing a Matisyahu video...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Nunn!!

Hope you had a ton of fun this weekend!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Calm before the Storm

so, I broke the news on Monday afternoon and gave a 2 1/2 - 3 week notice. I thought things went ok and yesterday everything seemed to be normal. Wrong.
I went into the new boss's office today and he told me that all the higher ups are pissed and to kind of make peace, I have to stay at my current job until April 15. And today I have magically become invisible. I now get to deal w/ this for an extra two weeks. Yea!

Friday, March 10, 2006


Ok, so I am not one to handle stress well and I have been making myself sick the last couple of days stressing. So, here is my dilemma and I would appreciate any encouraging words you all could send my way. Here is my situation (I know it sounds like not a big deal, but it is for me).

So, I got offered a new job with a mortgage company that is tied in with the real estate company I am currently working for. I would have no problems telling the people I currently work for that I got a new job, but I will be working in the same office and I am going to have to see these people every day. In a normal situation people are usually supportive of people getting new jobs that will better their career. However, this is not a normal situation, I have heard numerous stories of people changing jobs from this office to better their career and their being no support. For example, one of the big wigs yelled at an employee in the parking lot about switching positions. Another time, they completely ignored someone for months for switching jobs. I hate to have people not like me.

So, I came to work all set on telling them. Well, I called my new boss and he said he will be out of the office all day today and asked if we could wait until Monday. I now have to worry about this crap all weekend. I might make myself crazy before I even start the new job.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Next weekend = CRUNK

Hey y'all... Just thought I'd shout out a reminder for the "parlay" commencing next weekend in the 505. I am in much need of a prolonged Happy Hour and gratuitous flirting, as I am a single woman again! Not to mention it's Maud and Nunn's b-days, and Lesgar and supposedly Allison will be there, too!

I'm extremely excited to see everyone and have some cocktails...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Space

Eve says: I know Maud was one of the first people to get a My Space account and I signed up at the same time but never did anything with it. Well, I was randomly checking it out the other day during my down time at work and now it seems that everyone and their dog has a my space account. I informed Wheels and she found it quite addicting to look around and find people that we have lost contact with. So, Wheels joined the bandwagon and created an account. I felt that I should update mine as well. But, let me tell you that Blogging is way better! It takes half the time to figure out and since I try to do all this computer stuff at work, I don't have the time or the patience to figure out the my space crap.
So, basically I just wanted to point out the we are way cooler than all those My Space peeps.

Wheels says: Yes, I agree that I love the format of the Blogspot. It is WAY less busy and much easier on the eyes. I started out searching for my brother's page on MySpace a few weeks ago, and now I am addicted to searching and trying to figure out how the heck you can put things like movie clips, etc. on your MySpace page. I used a site called My Pimp Space to design mine. I cannot even believe that they expect people to know how to write for a Web page! Friggin' idiots.

Anyways, I now have 14-year-olds and Jesus-is-my-Boyfriend bands trying to add me as their friend... It's entirely entertaining. You can find my page here. I don't think Eve is ready for everyone to check hers out, though... :o)

I've included a picture of Social Science guru Albert Bandura for your veiwing pleasure... enjoy!