Monday, February 27, 2006


So this is Willie Rutiger Wheeler (he'll assume the prefix of "Dr." when he grows up). He's very hard to take pictures of because:

A., #1 - He is small and hard to photograph at his level.

B., #2 - Pretty much he's a curious puppy and wants to check out the camera.

C., #3 - He likes to crawl on you when you do get on the floor to take a pic of him.

He's like three pounds and I think like a pound of that is hair. I refuse to have his hair cut all gay in the style known as "the continental". I had him bathed this past Saturday and it was like I hurt their feelings when I said no bows or nail polish... I gave in to the bows for a good laugh (they came out as soon as I got home). However, there will be no polish in this pup's future!

IN OTHER NEWS, I have officially passed my competency exam for a Master's of Mass Communication. Now "all" I have to do is finish this class I'm taking and my independent study (I don't do well motivating myself to do schoolwork independently).

I am also traveling to Albuquerque again over the St. Patty's weekend holiday! Woohoo! Time to get crunk again, kids... What's the word on the itenerary??

Friday, February 17, 2006

Evelyn the klutz is Back

Ok, so my days of falling are back. I was walking down the hall at work on wed. My heel got stuck in the cuff of my pants. In my attempt to not fall flat on my face I twisted my ankle trying to regain balance and landed gracefully on my knees. The files that I was carrying flew down the hall in a huge mess as I sat there trying to compose myself. I sat there just wondering if this was going to be the start of another falling streak.

Let's recap some of my great falls:

1. Down the stairs at the ZTA house
2. The fall through the Delta Chi front door, flat on my face
3. Down the stairs at Farley's on Kelly B's B-day
4. I fell off something in Mexico which made dislocate my knee and kirstin and Jo-mo-fo had to help me back across the border.

Hopefully this weeks fall was a one time thing and I won't continue on this path of destruction, I might not survive.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm in Love

With this being the month of love and relationships, I feel it's fitting for me to be in love and be in the spirit of things. I however am not in love with a boy, I'm in love with my DVR. I actually feel like Miranda on SATC when she was in love with Tivo. This is why, I was at home talking on the phone with Jenny and watching TV and my timer went off to get ready to start recording a program. I was a little upset because it should have already been recording CSI for the last half hour. Then Jenny informed me that Grey's Anatomy was getting ready to start and then it clicked in my head that my DVR was getting ready to start recording it. It made me the happiest kid because I did not get to watch it on Sunday night after the superbowl because I was dragged to H&A for some cocktails by Jenn and DVR didn't record it that night because of the screwy time.