Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grad School: The Worst Idea of All Time?

Today I find myself with one hobby: school. Before it was school, friends, b/fs, drinking, shopping, blah, blah, blah. Now all I have to do is read and study for school and for some "mysterious reason(s)" I cannot bring myself to do it. Partially to blame is Cody Posey, the 16-year-old accused (and admitted) murderer of his family a year and a half ago in Hondo, NM, at Sam Donaldson's ranch near Ruidoso/Capitan/Lincoln. The trial is on TV ALL DAY on CourtTV and I can't look away. Not to mention the dominatrix murder case and that English dude who probably killed his wife and baby like Scott Peterson. Cody, seriously, why does your case have to be so intruiging? Add onto that ties to his defense lawyer, Gary Mitchell (whose office is in the Dizzle), who looks like the big, crazy boss-guy in Happy Gilmore (Richard Kiel), and you have daytime entertainment to rival the likes of Passions...

Here are other reasons why I can't bring myself to study:

1. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Kuhn (a book I feel is geared toward one person: Steven Hawking)
2. The Iowa Study of Hybrid Seed Corn: The Adoption of Innovation (yeaahhhh... a book chapter about corn. I feel dumber already.)
3. Magic Bullet Theory (Maud and Sack, if you don't know what this is, you should have taken more classes from McCleneghan)
4. Independent and Dependent Variables (I still can't figure out which is which)
5. Law & Orders: CI and SVU
6. Public Relations Theories
7. Statistics
8. Eighty-seven percent of grad students are total weirdos, foreign, pompous Star Wars freaks with mullets, or total idiots who cannot put together a sentence (most MCOM TAs know who I'm talking about), but somehow managed to get past graduate school admissions... therefore I do not want to go back to class

There are many other reasons, of course; distracting life circumstances... But here's what may be the beginning of the end: I have to BLOG for this class I'm taking. This may be the first sign of the apocalypse. So if you want to read about Contemporary Issues in Mass Communications Technology before a tear occurs in the universe and we can no longer read about seed corn innovation, click here. I tried to keep my one entry to date true to myself... it has a picture and everything! All other content I cannot be held accountable for.


Blogger Sack said...

I never had a class with McCleneghan. I remember that he was the internship advisor for Journalism, though. He told me that there was really no chance that I would get a paid internship, and I might as well wait tables for the summer if I didn't want to work for free, but wanted credit. A D-Chi alumnus pointed me towards somebody he knew with the City of LC, and I had an internship that paid in both American currency and college credit within a week or two. So, while McCleneghan seemed like a nice guy, my main memory of him is that he reinforced my belief that who you know is *FAR* more important than what you know.

3:27 PM  
Blogger tibbs said...

Isn't Court TV so addictive?

3:01 PM  
Blogger MCOM 6310 Think Tank 1 said...

So, I am commenting under my new academic alias: MCOM Think Tank. Or something like that. Read on for my incredibly intelligent comments.

Sack, Magic Bullet Theory basically states that all media have a direct and strong effect on anyone who comes in contact with it. And McCleneghan told me I WOULD NOT get into Texas Tech's graduate program... look at me now. Blogging in the name of the Mass Comm Think Tank at Texas Tech. Wheels and Sack: 2, Mac: 0.

Tibbs, I totally <3 CourtTV. Forensic Files, Dominic Dunne, Catherine Crier... my mom has caused CourtTV and all crime shows for that matter to enslave my senses. My new love is House, though. It's a great show for those of you who do not go out on Friday nights anymore like me!

P.S. - I'm about to blog about boomboxes on my MCOM blog... could be interesting and involve LL Cool J (who has also guest-starred on House...)

4:43 PM  
Blogger Maud said...

My blog was like a magic bullet. I told everone it was cool to blog and you all believed me!

Look at us now....

8:26 AM  
Blogger Leslee said...

Wheels--I just posted on you mcom 6310 think tank blog because I miss you and I don't think I was supposed to...I think maybe it was only for your class and I can't erase it! Sorry!!! Tell your class you have air head sorority sisters who don't know what they are doing. I feel so dumb…

8:06 AM  

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