Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Sparks is the New Crack"

Well, I hope everyone made it back to their respective homes today and will feel better tomorrow, when the wonderful work week begins again (booooo). I'll keep this short, because I'd like to accompany comments about HC with some photos.

If you have anything you want Eve and me to post, you can e-mail one of us with the sordid details about your reccolections of the weekend. I found out last night that apparently I was predicting people's deaths at the door at Brew on Friday night. Who knew Miller Lite + Long Island + vodka + whatever-the-eff-else-I-consumed = Miss Cleo.

Anyways, I had to give a mini-shout out to Sparks because it's basically my new BFF. I bought out the Pic Quick on Telshor and Missouri on our way out of town.

I'm not in an icredibly witty frame of mind right now, but after Eve and I get some e-mails with some incidents we may not have remembered, or weren't there for, the official post-HC blog will be in full effect.

And for everyone's information, I was RIGHT about pumping. Please be advised:


to ride another person on your bike
"Hey man, can you pump me to the store on your bike?"

Click here for this and other definitions!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Attendance Update

So I talked to The BFC and Sack last night and I have an attendance update for Homecoming. The BFC is going and informed me that Tommy Seay and Rollie Wright, IV, are also flying in from Cali. No word on BT, but Sack talked to Dave Jones and he can't attend because he's off on business or something grown-up like that.

So Amanda and I are taking off for the Ruidizzle after class tonight and I am SO looking forward to waking up in the mountains (you never realize how beautiful everywhere else is until you've lived in west Texas). Then we're off to the L.C. on Friday, having picked up my brother, Matt (or Baby Wheels as Ashley likes to call him), as another partygoer.

I chose Lil' John for today's photo for a few reasons:

1. This pic was already on my computer because I used it on a PowerPoint presentation last spring.

2. Last year, Kelly B. and I definitely took a pic with some random guy at the football game who was dressed up like Lil' John for Halloween (goblet and all).

3. I'm sure there will be consumption of energy drinks this weekend. It may not be CRUNK, but it'll probably be Sugar-Free Red Bull or just Red Bull with some vodka or Jaeger thrown in.

4. We're all going to get crunk this weekend, and if we don't, there's something seriously wrong.

5. Hopefully my brother will wear his "C is for Crunk" t-shirt.

6. If you don't know what crunk means, I can't talk to you anymore.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What will we talk about after Homecoming?

So all this talk about pimp scoots, The Brew, Mexican food, the Aggies, etc., etc., has got me wondering what we're going to talk about after Homecoming. I assume we'll start to concentrate on Meggo's wedding and the "Merit Trip" for next summer (since Maud's watching us... and I guess I mean both Maud's: Lucero and ZTA founder).

I figure for a week or so afterwards, we'll discuss the debauchery of the weekend and we'll have some pics. So I thought I'd go ahead and post a couple from the past two years.

The first pic is Eve and Wheels at Farley's last year. That's Sack in the background and I distinctly remember him giving Eve SUCH a hard time... we reminisced about the wine festival where Eve got sick and Kelly B. left her for dead. Apparently Eve is allergic to the sun and either Sack or Nick said something sarcastic like, "So is that like being allergic to the wind, or what?" All I know is Miller Lite, green chili wontons, and probably some peanuts in metal buckets were involved, followed by me stealing one of said buckets. I never know what actually happens to those buckets...

So next we have Eve and B posing quite coyly with the Zeta Bus last year; K-Bizzle is double-fistin' it, while Eve is definitely in violation of Bullmoose. This vehicle is quite historical. It has taken us all to Mexico more than once, been thrown up in, burned by cigs, been the victim of an open container... if the Zeta Bus could only talk, oh the tales it would tell. This periwinkle Explorer is so legendary, it even has a song!

Below we have an example of Homecoming-quality debauchery at the Super 8 Motel in 2003. Notice Lipe in the background. Either he just got out of the shower, or he's about to get in, because that's what he did. I don't even think he was staying with us, but he sure used our shower. His mouth is also partially open which leads me to believe he was telling us to use our "six inch voices", as he often does. Eve says, "Lipe was talking to someone on the bed who was taking a break. It could only be Sack, Nick, or Rookie. For some reason I think it is Sack." It can't be Nick, since he is in the forefront of the picture. And I actually think Rookie was wedged between the bed and the wall at that time, yelling for assistance. So it had to have been Sack, napping while the rest of us are acting like tools.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Aggie Fight Song!

So we are mere days away from Homecoming and I am so very excited, as is Eve. From what I know, most kids will be arriving in the LC early Friday afternoon (between 1 and 3 p.m.). Word on the street is that the Aggies are favored for the game, but their track record this far this season says otherwise. So in honored of lifting our boys in Crimson and White's spirits, I shall post the words of our Fight Song:

"Aggies, Oh Aggies, the hills send back the cry, we're here to do or die. Aggies, Oh Aggies, we'll win this game or know the reason why. And when we win this game, we'll buy a keg of booze, and we'll drink to the Aggies till we wobble in our shoes. A-G-G-I-E-S. Aggies, Aggies, go Aggies. Aggies, Oh Aggies, the hills send back the cry, we're here to do or die. Aggies, Oh Aggies, we'll win this game or know the reason why."

You can also sing along with the band if you click here! I know I just did here at my desk at Texas Tech... hahaha. For an itenerary, you can visit Maud's Blog and "Who's In" or call Eve. She is the master of all master planners.

And Lesgar, I do believe a Stubbs #2 is comprised of Mountain Dew, Citrus Vodka, Amaretto, and if it's a Stubbs #2.2, it also has a lime twist. Stubbs needs to find our blog and confirm!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Kelly B.! Call Sack!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

NMSU Homecoming rocks. Want to know why??

Homecoming at New Mexico State rocks our world, and let me tell y'all why. See, this past weekend I had the unfortunate pleasure of attending the Texas Tech homecoming game and I was so very unimpressed. For one thing, the game started at 11 a.m. Who in their right mind has a Homecoming football game at 11 o'clock in the danged morning?

Not NMSU. No, we know how to do it up right and give ample time for drinking before said Homecoming game. We all know we'll have been able to go to MVK or Santa Fe Grill for some Friday night hangover food, the parade (which there was NONE here in Lubbock), and then head over to the massive spaces dedicated to tailgating at our spectacular Land Grant University. One more comment on TTU HC vs. NMSU HC: Who risks losing the game in front of thousands of fans and plays a tougher team?

Not NMSU. Yes, we may have lost every game this season so far, but I rest my head at night knowing we are (in true Aggie tradition) playing a sub par team for Homecoming. In fact, it's some school in Idaho I've never heard of and I can only assume it's an Internet-based school and the footbal team practices online, or by playing an ancient version of Madden.

That being said, our sights are set on Homecoming after the birthdays. Everyone who's anyone will be there foshizzle. We (and by we, I mean Eve) got the news that Chris Kell is coming, and I have done some super fantastic detective work and discovered that our very own Kelly B. and the Pimp Scoots of Delta Chi's Sack will also be in attendance, AND are flying in on the same plane. I think we are all in agreeance that the two will be considerably lit by the time Southwest peels their drunk bodies out of their seats in El Paso.

Lastly, we have performed a content analysis of the past three Homecomings and statistics tell us that a Delta Chi has either broken a bone or been arrested. This year is an arrest year, so let's watch out for all our homies: No arrests or broken bones this year!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Birthday Night

So obviously this picture was taken when order was still intact. Shortly after said picture was taken, chaos ensued.

I can't quite say exactly what everyone was doing, but we were all over Horse & Angel. I hung out with my bro, got groped not by Alli, but by Jenn, had an Irish Car Bomb that sent me over the edge of sobriety, and heckled Maud for being so dang loud! ;o)

Y'all who were there will have to comment as to what the heck you were doing all night. Upon arriving at Eve's p's house, I know I talked to my brother in the LC, my b/f, and had a message from Maud saying "Wheels! Where are you? We're making toast!"

Well, my crowning moment for the evening was me, talking on the phone to b/f Josh and saying, "IthinkI'mgoingtobesick." I put all those words together because I imagine that is what I sounded like! I then proceeded to Eve's lavatory and hurled, like a good 26-year-old. Eve walked into the room and I said, "Get out unless you want to see it!" To which she replied, "Too late. Do you want some water?" I said NO, but when she got back with a glass of water I whined, "Thaaannk yoouuu."

I woke up the next morning with one of my two turquoise earrings still in my ear, to the sound of Maud and Smus talking about who knows what at the end of the hall. All I know is I was still wearing my clothes from the night before, but my pants were unbuttoned, so I apologize for any showing of the super fantastic crack that may have occurred.

I had a great time in the 505 and can't wait to return to the Big LC for the illustrious NMSU Homecoming! Hopefully Maud will sing the Aggie Fight Song again like she did at Maloney's on Saturday night...

Shout out to Joe MoFo! What's up, yo??

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Hey y'all! Guess who's another year older, with another year of fabulousness accomplished? Wheels tomorrow and Eve on Monday!! The party begins tonight as Wheels time-travels via Southwest from Lubbock to Albuquerque! I say time-travel because I leave the LBC at 7:30 p.m. and I arrive in the 505 at 7:35 p.m. I love it!

Thanks to my work homies in the College of Mass Comm at TTU: Amanda, Ashley, Glenda, and Justin (who gave me "Grandma's" Cookies to signify my elderly status), for helping me kick off the celebration. Amanda got me a cake that said "Feliz Cumpleanos"... kick ass. Plus, it had blue and green icing that turned everyone's lips, teeth, and tongues green. Can it get any better?