Friday, September 30, 2005

Warning: Do not feed this person brown liquor!

Name: Amanda "Bobby Booshay" Bucher

Hometown: Corning, New York
Age: 24
Sign: Cancer
Alma Mater: Washington and Jefferson College: Washington, Pennsylvania
Sorority: Kappa Alpha Theta (along with the drunken Bush twin)
Fooseball Team: Pittsburgh Steelers (and Ben "The Patriots Make Me Nervous" Roethlisberger)
Height: 5'4''
Quote: "Whatever. It's the 90s."
Drinking Style: East Coast

Amanda is Wheels' friend at Texas Tech. In a world of academician graduate and foreign exchange students, I was lucky to have met her. I have to say to everyone who is thinking about getting a graduate degree that about 75-80% of graduate students are really strange. I don't know what it's like in an MBA program, but I've taken Mass Comm, Comm Studies, and English classes and they're all effing weird.

Anyways, so my point is Amanda's a "normal" kid and is coming to Homecoming this year. She would have come last year, but she was dating a weatherman who's birthday happens to fall on that fateful weekend. Dopplers, tornados, and golfball-sized hail aside, she fell in love with Alex and his magical hair-dying skills, and is simply not herself right now because she got her hair cut by someone here in Lubbock and hates it, not to mention I had to color her roots a few weeks ago.

The picture needs little explanation. It is drunk Amanda, dancing feverishly, Razberi Stoli and cranberry juice in hand, with an African American gentleman who apparently had a picture of Tupac Shakur airbrushed on the front of the t-shirt he was wearing. I must warn all about the title of this blog: Amanda should not be fed brown liquor (i.e. whiskey, bourbon, etc.). If this does occur, she must be quaratined, as she may spotaneously begin heckling people for drinking Rolling Rock, or will enforce the "East Coast Drinking Style," which is basically just drinking everything you can, as fast as you can.

Homecoming is 1 Month AWAY!!

Ok, so Homecoming in the Big LC is only one month away and here are some reasons we can't wait:

1. B, Eve and Wheels will be reunited once again for a weekend of trouble and drunken debauchery

2. Happy Hour at Si Senor, hopefully with Manny!

3. Wheels can steal a pail of nuts from Farley's

4. We are now the Old Cool Kids who come back and pretend they are still in college for a weekend (wait, Wheels is STILL in college)

5. Tailgating (the right way, not lame like UNM)

6. MVK and/or Santa Fe Grill

7. It is still a continuation of the B-day celebrations

8. Gives Eve and excuse to wear her lame cowboy hat

9. Gives us all an excuse to see people we used to know (and are STILL cooler than) and pretend we don't know them

10. And finally the BREW!!!

Also, there's Eve's drunken dance and B probably telling someone off...

There's also drunk dialing the people who didn't come... look out, Kirstin and Trev!!

There's always the off-chance that someone might climb onto the huge satellite by the motels across from the Brew, and then moments later be arrested for public intoxication...

We also can't wait because we are the drama monitors and if you bring drama, we will send you the eff home to your mama!!

Not to mention being groped by Allison (oh WAIT, she's not going to be there...)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who's That Girl?

Well, this was going to be much more entertaining before I found out the wonderful news that our beloved Kelly B. is going to be at HC with the rest of us (I was going to heckle her and make like she was a missing person).

It gets harder and harder each year for us to all get together, so I'm really glad that the people I've heard are going will be in Aggieland for the joyous event known as Homecoming.

Kelly B., we're all pumped you're coming... now you should get that pretty little dialing finger of yours working and call us all! We need life updates!!

P.S. - I am of the school of thought that we all get better looking as we get older... I do believe this pic is Eve, B, and Wheels (L to R for those of you who can't tell us apart) circa Zeta Final 2001

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vince Vaughn is here...

I'm off to face my destiny tonight; Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour is here in Lubbock and I am extrememly excited to have fourth row center tickets, thanks to Amanda. Don't be surprised if I go into shock around 8 p.m. tonight... I don't know if I can handle Vince in all of his glory. S.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Night at Cowboys in Alb.

Eve, Jenn, Wheels

Countdown til the B-days!!

There are only 16 days till Wheels is in the ALB for the Birthday Celebration Weekend!!! The plane ticket was purchased just now. All of you who aren't going to be here will be missing out.

17 Days til Wheels' B-day!!

20 Days til Eve's B-day!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Party at Jenny's

Ah, the beginning of the end... only kidding!

Apparently the cool thing to do is have a blog these days. And if you know me, I just have to keep up with the Joneses... I mean, just imagine my uber-hip wardrobe and you'll know. Anyways, Evelyn and I thought this would be fun and since I basically want to marry the Internet, I said to myself, "Self, give in and start a blog. You're not interesting, but someone might read it." Hell, maybe someday Eve and I will be amongst such blogging superstars as Trent, "Tom Cruise," and Maud Lucero. I guess I may not be interesting, but some of the people I know definitely are! ;o)